Actual comments from those who implemented the 31 Days to a Staged Home plan:

"Hi Leslie! I read your book back in October, and we just sold our house in less than 24 hours. I have a friend who will be putting her house on the market soon, and I would love for her to able to read your book, too. Thanks!"


"Our second showing sold our home! On our way out of the neighborhood, in our moving truck, we passed six homes that had been on the market for many months before ours. We are POSITIVE that staging our home helped us sell it! We had an advantage that our former neighbors didn’t."

~Jerry & Amanda,  Atlanta, GA

"I am happy that I stumbled upon your blog and was very lucky I read EVERY WORD of this "31 Days" post prior to it being abridged due to your ebook. I still plan to buy (and of course recommend) your ebook, but I am happy to say-we just accepted an offer on our house after only 16 days on the market and 3 showings! One potential buyer asked if I'd had it professionally staged! And I am the opposite of a home decorator-type. 

I don't know how I would've done it without you! My husband was teasing me about being a 'Leslie-worshipper' but I don't hear any teasing now. ;)

Thanks for all the great ideas and the especially for the specifics." 

~ Amber

"Miraculous! Our neighborhood is known for its slow market for selling. But, our home was staged by Friday, listed on Sunday, and we had TWO offers by Monday! One offer was $2,000 more than the listing price - guess which offer we chose?!"

~Mrs. James,  Simpsonville, SC

"HI there! Just wanted to let you know that I am a loyal follower/student of your suggestions and we sold our house in 8 days!! At the highest price per square foot our neighborhood has ever gotten!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I had researched ways to help put my house on the market, but no one gave the well-rounded advice I found here.
(Am I sounding like an infomercial? Sorry, but seriously!! We SOLD OUR HOUSE IN 8 DAYS! AT OUR ASKING PRICE!!! WHICH WAS HIGH TO BEGIN WITH!!!)
Following your advice made our house appeal to the buyer in the best form: an excellent house for a good price.
Really, folks DO WHAT SHE SAYS!!!
A couple of highlights: My husband and Broker disagreed with me on getting the house inspected before putting it on the market. But I insisted. It was already something I was thinking of doing, and your experience helped me plead my case. Why give the seller anything to negotiate!?!?!
We were lucky that a distant friend was able to do it for us for a growler of local beer. He pointed out a few things in the crawl space that needed fixed.
The actual home inspection from the sellers was still very stressful, but the only mark in the report was a dimmer switch had been miswired.
Also, your advice really helped me see that I wasn't cleaning off enough clutter. Clean EVERYTHING off the counters--even the coffee maker and especially the tooth brushes!! All of it! Every little bit of it. It will look empty to you, but it will look OPEN to the seller.
Thanks for taking the time to write this! Can't wait to recommend your e-book!!!"


"My home has never looked better since being staged! I am finally enjoying my rooms, the way I’d envisioned them to begin with.
I also have the peace of mind that the new owners will have a home that is in excellent condition. Too bad we’re moving!"

~Mr. and Mrs. Ayers

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